“If gold doesn’t shine” – gold for health

Gold against arthrosis

Since Paracelsus (1493-1541) we know about the healing effect of gold on the body. Therefore it is used in medicine for quite some time now. From veterinary medicine we are aware of the compatibility of gold implants with the human organism. In 1996 doctors from Denmark began to use gold implants for humans because the principals of functioning for humans and animals are based on the same components.1

Nanogold against cancer

A group of scientist of the Rice University, Houston, plated tiny silicon dioxide particles with gold to fight inoparable tumours. These small pieces of only 100 nanometers have fascinating characteristics. They absorb electromagnetic waves and heat themselves up. Scientist used this method to inject tumour cells with nanogold and irradiated it within the infrared range. As a result the tumour got destroyed while the neighbour cells stayed alive.2 This technology is used to treat several types of cancer like prostate- and ovarian cancer.