Why wasting precious Gold, Palladium, Silver, Platinum, Nickel and Copper?

With our care for sustainability and environment protection we got part of the KlimaExpo NRW

Klimaschutz vergoldet – KlimaExpo.NRW

urkunde_lSustainability is one of the main keywords nowadays when energy and resources become more and more narrow and expensive while quality standard of daily needs rise. Modern electroplating contributes integrant into this section. Products not only get a special look they also get more long living. Keeping Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS), consumer goods can be returned into the material flow.

This concept we also implement into our business. Sustainability plays a decisive role. Metalliferous mud from the wastewater treatment is brought to a recycling of man-made ore. In collaboration with our customers packaging is used again and inserted in a multi-cycle system.

Control systems of the galvanizing plant and the wastewater treatment had been renovated in recent years. Herewith we significantly reduced energy and chemical consumption. At last heat flow of the heating system had been reorganized. The difference between inlet and outlet flow was to be reduced as the requirement for the installation of a combined heat and power plant.

Our next project is the heat recovery from the air exhaust duct. The quantity of heat should be lead back to the inlet air. The aim is saving energy and simultaneously improving the indoor climate and the working conditions.
During the projects the main task was to find a partner for the renovation. In new developments these techniques are standard nowadays. Realization of an existing plant is unequally more difficult. In consequence we could say: The bigger the plant the easier to find a partner.